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Neighbor Testimonials

Neighbor: Nancy M.

Location: Lake Forest, CA

Chore: Moving

Nancy used NeighborING to move a desk and a filing cabinet from her garage to her upstairs office. The students were fast efficient and completed the chore in one hour. 

Neighbor: Lisa M.

Location: Laguna Niguel, CA

Chore: Gardening

Lisa hired two NeighborING College Students to remove old mulch from her backyard garden and replace it with new mulch. The students unloaded the heavy bags and completed the chore in 2 hours.

NeighborING   Changes The Way Communities Interact & Support One Another.



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College Student Testimonials

Christina H.

Cal State Fullerton

"I absolutely love the idea of making money by completing other people's chores! It has helped me so much and I always try to sign up whenever I am free."