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How to Use NeighborING the Best!

This platform was built by College Students for College Students, and we want you to get the most out of it!

!Read this information carefully!

but, if you don't like reading watch our CEO tell you about everything you should know to get the most out of NeighborING!

Important Information Starts HERE!

1. Types of Text Messages

This is what a new chore looks like when it first is sent out:

Things to look at:

  • The type of Chore it is.

  • Where it is

    • Not sure, look up the city on google maps​

  • Time of the chore

  • Are the times and dates flexible

    • Pro Tip: If the time, date, or time and date are flexible reply back with times that work for you!​

  • How many students it requires

    • This where you can see if you can a friend can work together

When you are assigned the chore, this is the information you will see from NeighborING

  • You will be sent the homeowners name

    • Pro Tip: It's respectful to call people Mr. or Mrs.​

    • Example: Mr. Mundell

  • Where is the chore

    • Use google maps if you have issues

  • As your resource, NeighborING will process your payment

Always Communicate

People like it when workers show up 5 minutes early to their chore ready to work.

Running Late?

It's common to get held up in a lecture or running late from practice etc..  when you are running late to your chore, ALWAYS CALL AND TEXT YOUR CUSTOMER! 

We cannot stress enough, customers like to know what's going on and showing up late to a chore without a heads up, does not look good. It's hard to face the fact that you might be 15, 30, or 45 mins late, but it's even worse when you don't call.

What if I...

Need to Cancel, Reschedule, Customer requested more help

If you are going to cancel a chore because something came up, make sure you do it 24 hours in advance. No one likes a last-minute cancelation. 

Also, if you need to reschedule text or call NeighborING. 949.322.4923. 

Many customers will ask you to come back another day to help with more chores! Congratulations you are an All-Star! Just make sure to contact NeighborING because as your resource we cannot keep anyone accountable or help you retrieve your payment if we do not know about it. 

Viewing the endless opportunity NeighborING provides is just a click away. Go to the Open Chores page and save the webpage as an icon on your phone to have quick access.

Not sure how to save a webpage as an icon, view this step by step process here.

Earn More Money With NeighborING University

A free program that allows students to grow and develop

their business skills. When a student finishes the program, they will have access to more complicated chores that are only available to graduates of the program. AND THE PAY MORE!

What you will learn:

  • How to hang a picture

  • How to hang a shelf

  • How to evenly hang multiple pictures in a row

  • How to hang curtains

  • How to hang and change out window blinds

  • Tips and Tricks when working in a home

This is an online course that can be completed in 1 day.

Earn Tips & Be Polite

Not every chore will give you a tip, but most will. It is a matter of fact that people want to help college students. Here are some ways to help you earn a tip:

  1. Show Initiative 

    • Customers would rather have you work more than less. If you find yourself walking around or not know what to do, ask your customer "What's next?"

    • Show your time management skills and your ability to work on the next task without being told.

  2. Be Relational

    • Customers want to know who they are helping. The more you talk with them (while you work) the more they will feel attached to you.

  3.  Show up on time and communicate

    • Prove to them that you care about what you are doing and you are thankful for the opportunity. Ask questions about the chore and their own interests.

  4. Please & Thank You​

    • It may seem obvious, but the words "please" and "thank you" go along way. Don't believe us, look here. People can sometimes put college students (as a group) as people who don't care and lack manners. Show them that they wrong, you got this!