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Partner Insurance

Read ALL Information Carefully

Your Customer Has Requested You to Have Insurance

It's an Easy 3 Step Process

Using the Thimble plugin below

select the insurance category that best describes your chore.

Set the time and date of your policy. These should match the start and end times of your chore. 

Purchase your business's insurance policy. 

Policy Management

Your business can pass this expense off to your customer. Please communicate with NeighborING to ensure the correct billing is applied for your customers' payment.   

For More Info

Canceling Your Policy - You may cancel your policy using the Thimble App up to 1 minute before your chore starts - and you will receive a refund for the hours you did not use.

Creating Your Policy - You may create your policy anytime before your chore's start time using Thimble.

Payment Information

Have Questions?

Window Not Displaying?

Disclaimer: NeighborING Inc. has partnered with Thimble Inc and will operate as a resource for 1099 College Student Contractors "College Students" to purchase insurance through this partnership for the chores they are awarded through the NeighborING platform. The 1099 College Student Contractors are not agents nor employees of NeighborING. These College Students are not required to purchase insurance but have been requested by their (The College Student) customers to have insurance for their chore/task.