Need Help With Chores?

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It's Simple

It is a flat $23 per hour per student, and for a one hour or less, it is $26 per student. Our rates do not change so you know what you are paying no matter what your chore is!


How many chores can YOU get done in an hour?

Can I Tip?

You certainly can! 100% of tips go directly to the student. It's up to you to determine how much! Tips can be given in cash or it can be added to the final invoice. 

Pricing Table per Student

1 Hour


2 Hours


3 Hours


4 Hours


5 Hours


6 Hours


7 Hours


8 Hours


2 + Hours, pricing is $23/hr

Need a Truck or SUV

Add $6/hr to your chore.

When using a student's vehicle, the first 5 miles are free. Additional miles will be subject to a

$0.65 cent per mile gas fee.

How We Bill

There is 1 Hour Minimum and after 1 hour, you are billed by the half-hour.


Example: A student worked 1hr 15 mins. The bill would be for 1.5 hours.

Pro Tips

  • Always have water!

  • Make sure to eat snacks to stay

  • If you have a long chore, bring lunch

  • Working on a hot sunny day?
    Wear a hat and sunscreen

  • Working outside?
    Play some music on your phone or
    a portable speaker