How It Works

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Sign Up & Get Listed

Choose an account and sign up for NeighborING. Complete your profile and pick where you want to work!

Set Your Hours & Payment

Input the hours you are available to work, and how much you wan to charge for your work.

Review & Accept Chores

Neighbors in your community will hire you for their chores. You can see their reviews and choose to accept or decline the request.

Make Money!

Once the chore is done, you can submit the hours you worked and BOOM you get paid!

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Built by College Students for College Students

Our Story

Josh Mundell was a college student-athlete in 2017, and he he needed extra money during the school year. So, he helped his neighbors with chores!

Our Drive

Josh had friends on his team who also needed money. As a result, Josh tested his entrepreneurial drive and started NeighborING.

Our Dream

Josh believes that every college student should have the ability to earn extra money by helping people in their community who can use a helping hand.

We Are a Community Built On Trust

Profiles & Reviews

Neighbors and College Students can get to know each other through detailed profiles, personal reviews, and confirmed verifications.

Safe Messaging

NeighborING verifies personal profiles, maintains a trusted messaging system so neighbors and students can talk with confidence, and collects and transfers payments securely.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is ready to help you when you need it!
Just call: (949) 322 - 4923