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We have helped more than 500 customers and have completed more than 1,000 chores. We got you covered!

Why have I never heard about this? I needed a couple items moved, completed the easy form, online and received a call back, letting me know price..the works! You are even sent a text with the college student’s names, numbers and the college they are attending. Two very professional individuals showed up (even called to see if they could come early) and then made swift work of that task! Guess Neighboring has students that do just about any chore you can imagine. VERY impressed!!!

Rhonda, Aliso Viejo

There aren't many days I dread, but moving day is one of them! I needed help and I needed it fast! A friend recommended NeighborING so I reached out. It was super easy, asked for two students to help me move for 5-7 hours. Two (background-checked) students (Jordan and Crystal) arrived on time and immediately jumped right in. Everything went very smoothly. They were considerate (nothing broke) and professional. The job got done, on time and on budget with two very pleasant students working their way through college (they really like working for NeighborING too!) Thanks for the great service, I will definitely recommend NeighborING to anyone for just about any chore."

Anthony, Laguna Beach

"I have used NeighborING several times, for several different jobs. And each time, NeighborING has delivered more than expected and promised. Great value for anyone who needs an extra set or hands. Big job or little job. Thanks NeighborING.!"

Dan, Lake Forest

"I have used neighboring multiple times now and have received great service. I am an interior designer and the team has been able to assist me for a variety of tasks- often last minute. I also have used them for my personal residence and refer to my family, neighbors and friends. Always professional, friendly and efficient. Highly recommend."

Tracey, Mission Viejo

"Derrick was polite and very nice, he did all the work very well and was very professional It was a pleasure to meet him . He cleaned everything up very nicely"

Ginny, Laguna Woods

"Excellent service and expertise describes the Neighboring service. IT job done plus patio cleanup job done in an excellent manner."

Barbara, Irvine

"I am a senior citizen who enjoyed two college students who pulled up deep roots in my garden. They were very hard working and stayed 2 hours to get the job done. I have already recommended this service to friends who need help moving. I am sure they’ll be impressed too!"

Sandy, Laguna Woods

"The two students who worked for me did excellent work. they were very kind and did what I wanted just the way I wanted it. They were on time and worked straight through for three hours. I can't wait for them to come back again next week"

Connie C, Laguna Woods
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