Pricing Options

You have the power! Choose the option that is best for your chore. Pricing that makes sense.

Grocery Shopping

(Base Rate)
Same day & Next day delivery
Base rate is up to 20 items, after 20 items is $1 per item
Stay within your budget
Pre-pay your groceries & get a picture of the receipt

There is a 5% fee to instantly transfer the money from bank account to bank account.

Set Your Own Hourly Rate

$23 - 26/hr
Ideal for longer chores
Best for users that need multiple chores completed
Easy for students to work longer than the scheduled hours
Only billed for the hours worked

From market research, NeighborING has found price points that college students will work for. These prices are a recommendation. If you need 1 hour of help, we recommend you pay approximately $25 - $26. For longer chores, we recommend $23/hr.