General Liability Insurance

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NeighborING's Insurance Partner

Insurance Overview

When you need help with chores and tasks, you would typically ask your friends, family members, loved ones, or a neighbor to help. Typically, these individuals would not have their own insurance policy for the chores and tasks that you are asking them to do. ​

The NeighborING platform allows people to tap into a network of background-checked college students, who can help complete chores and tasks. The college student contractors are a reliable resource that can fill the spot of your friend, family member, loved one or neighbor who may not be available to help.

How does Thimble work with NeighborING?

NeighborING has partnered with Thimble to be a resource for the college students who use the platform. With this partnership, college student contractors can now purchase an affordable insurance policy and be covered by a $1 Million General Liability policy for the duration of the chore.

Who Pays for the Insurance?

The college student contractor will purchase the insurance policy if it is requested by the customer, and the customer will reimburse them for it. These policies are usually $5 an hour, but a quote can be provided when requested.

What If I say "Yes" to the insurance policy?

If a customer requires the college student to have insurance, the Thimble policy would be the primary policy for the chore. This would supplement the homeowner's or renters' insurance. Thimbles policy would cover an accident, someone getting hurt or if an item breaks.

What If I say "No" to the insurance policy?

If a customer does NOT require the college student contractor to have insurance, the customer's renters insurance or homeowners insurance policy would be the primary policy for the chore.

What if my chore goeslonger than the scheduled policy?

If the duration of a chore is going to go longer than what the policy is scheduled for, the college student contractor can "add" more time to the policy for an additional cost on Thimble's website or app. Note: The college student contractor will receive an email notification when their policy is close to expiring.

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Disclaimer: NeighborING Inc. has partnered with Thimble Inc and will operate as a resource for 1099 College Student Contractors "College Students" to purchase insurance through this partnership for the chores they are awarded through the NeighborING platform. The 1099 College Student Contractors are not agents nor employees of NeighborING. These College Students are not required to purchase insurance but have been requested by their (The College Student) customers to have insurance for their chore/task. ​NeighborING Inc. is not an agent or representative of Thimble Inc, thus the information provided above cannot be relied on for exact information. If you would like to confirm the policy coverage described above, please see for more information.