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Customer FAQs


Can you do same day services?

A: We would love to help! We cannot guarantee you will be connected with a college student, but our team will work relentlessly to help you find the help you need with your chore.

Is there a cancellation fee?

A: Yes, if the chore is canceled within 5 hours of when the chore was scheduled to start, there is $15 per student fee.

Cancelation fee for same-day chores?

A: Yes, there is a 2 hour grace period for a chore scheduled for the same day. The grace period starts after we connect you with a student.

When will I be connected with a college student who can help?

A: The NeighborING team will contact you 24 hours before your chore to update and confirm your chores.

Who do I pay? & Can I pay with cash?

A:  A chore must be paid with a card, but you can tip with cash.

How do I tip?

A: Tips can be given to the students in cash or it can be added to your invoice.

What equipment do the College Students provide?

A: We ask our customers to provide all the necessary supplies for the chore. Students will be able to use the supplies provided.

Do students have trucks to use?

A: Not all students have trucks. If a truck is needed for your chore, we will do our best to connect you with a student who has a truck. In general, if a student uses their own vehicle for the chore, the hourly rate will be increased by $6/hr.

Can I ask the College Student to work longer than I planned?

A: Please do! If the college student has more time in their day and is willing to help, then it’s a win-win.

What happens if the College Student works less than the full hour?

A: To help the college students, we require our customers who use the service to pay for the full hour.

Can I request a specific College Student to do a chore?

A: Absolutely! Please request a student by name. Our team will confirm the student’s availability and can help you plan accordingly.

Additional Questions?

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