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How much do I get paid?

Customers set their own price, but typically students earn $15/hr +tips for chores that are 2 hours or mores. For one hour chores, students have been earning approximately $18/hr + tips.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes! NeighborING is always looking for hardworking, dedicated students. Make sure to look into the referral program too!

My customer scheduled me to come back another day and help, now what?

Make sure that NeighborING is informed. If a student completes a chore that was not reported, they will not be paid and they can be banned from doing chores with NeighborING.

What happens if I break something on the chore?

NeighborING reserves the right to doc your pay to cover items damaged on the chore.

What about Taxes?

NeighborING is NOT your employer, but is simply a connection platform that is only available for college students to use. Since you decide WHAT you want to do, WHEN you want to do it, and HOW often you want to work, you are classified as a 1099 contractor - meaning you have your own business! Hooray! NeighborING will help provide you with information in order to file your taxes.

When can I work?

You can work whenever you want! Well, at least when there are chores available. As student using the NeighborING platform, you are not limited or restricted by the numbers hours your can work.

Can I work with friends?

Absolutely! it's more fun to work with your friends anyways. When you sign up for a chore, you can put your name and your friend's nam in the sign up box. NeighborING will then confirm that he is available to work. It's that easy.

What if I graduate?

College student graduates can use NeighborING up to 1 year after graduation.

What happens if I cannot go to a chore I signed up for?

NeighborING has a cancelation policy of $15 if the college student cancels 24 hours or less before the chore start time.

What happens if I get hurt completing a chore?

Because NeighborING is not your employer, the company does not cover accidents. This is handled between the college student and your customer. Note: If you purchased insurance for your chore, you may be covered.

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