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What Do You Need Help With?

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Moving Boxes

Moving Furniture

Remove TVs

Move a Bed / Bed Frame

Load / Unload U-Haul

Pack / Unpack Boxes

Move Patio Furniture


Planting Plants

Trim Bushes

Water Plants

Pull Weeds

Move / Hang Plants

Dig Holes 


Organizing Boxes

Rearrange Furniture

Organize Closets

Organize a Garage

Declutter an Area

Organize Storage


House Cleaning

Outdoor / Patio Cleaning

Clean Out Messy Areas 

Cleaning Bedrooms

Laundry & Dishes

Kitchen Appliances

Downsizing Help

IT Help

Setup a Computer

iPhone / iPad Lessons

Printer / TV Setup

Setup Bluetooth Devices


-Visual Devices

Holiday Help

Party & Events

Decor Setup

Food Prep / Baking

Lights / Christmas Trees

Wrapping Gifts

Christmas Deliveries

Rake / Clean Up Leaves


Flipping a Mattress

Changing Light Bulbs

Smoke Detector Battery

Remove / Install

 -Table Leaves


- Paper Towel Holders


Painting Help

Furniture Assembly

Replace Interior Blinds 

Hang Curtain Rods

Hang Pictures / Mirrors


-Cup / Mug Hooks

 Not On The List?    Don't Worry...Call 949-322-4923