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How to Price a Chore?

Hourly Rate: From market research, NeighborING has found price points that college students will work for. These prices are a recommendation.If you need 1 hour of help, we recommend you pay approximately $25 - $26. For longer chores, we recommend$23/hr. ​

Budget: If you have time consuming chores and would like to pay by the project, like furniture assembly. You can set a budget for the student to complete the chore. Example: $100 to assemble 2 desks.

How Much is a Truck or SUV?

Typically we add on $6/hr for the student who is using their truck. This is to acknowledge that they are using their personal vehicle for your chore. The vehicle fee is only added on for the hours you use the vehicle.You can change how much the vehicle fee is. An example would be “I’ll give you$10 - $20 for gas”. If you schedule a chore that needs a vehicle, please plan on paying an additional fee for it.

Will the Student Automatically Start Working?

Most college students who use NeighborING are hard working and will have an idea of what you need help with. Students cannot read minds and you want quality work done for your chore, therefore, communicate with the student exactly what you need done and talk to them if they are not meeting your standards.

How to Best Prepare for My Chore?

If your chore is physical work i.e. gardening, yard work,moving etc.. please think about buying work gloves for the students who come to help you. These are in expensive and can be reused all the time.

Water breaks
If your chore is more than 2 hours long or it’s a very hot day, make sure to drink water. Sometimes it’s hard for the students to ask for a 10-minute break, so be aware of it and communicate with them.

Students often times bring food and water to long chores,but a fresh apple or snacks while working a long day is always a helpful a awesome reward.

You can always tip the student on the final invoice of yourchore. If you do not tip, please consider offering snacks. Students Love Food!

Do the Students Bring Tools?

Some students have tools and NeighborING will try to connect you with a student who does have the right tools for your chore, but if you are able to, please provide your own tools.

Tools students can have: Hammer, screwdrivers, a drill, moving straps, a leveler and work gloves. 

They will NOT have cleaning supplies, a vacuum, a mop, a dust pan, moving dolly, shovels, or ladders.

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