How to Finally Finish Your Never Ending To-Do List

Ah, the honey-do list. It’s so named because you might ask your spouse, “Honey do this,” or “Honey do that.” But we all know how it is when we’re trying to finish a to do list. The tasks keep piling on, we get busy, and they never get done.
Whatever’s on your to-do list, you don’t have to put it off anymore. 60% of people say they have more than 60 tasks on their to-do lists, and that causes stress to increase. Here are just a few ways you can find solutions for attacking that big pile of stuff you have to do.

Your to-do: Cleaning Out the Garage

Your solution: Whether you’re moving or just need to get organized, looking at your garage and seeing it full of clutter is enough to stress anyone out. One of the fastest ways to clean a garage? Empty everything out of the area and put it on your driveway. Give it a thorough cleaning once everything is removed, and then start adding items back one at a time. Make sure you’ve got a designated junk pile - it’s time for some of your clutter to go!

Your to-do: Getting Ready to Move

Your solution: If you are moving, you’ve got the entire house to pack, not just the garage. With everyday life still going at full speed, it’s hard to find time to prepare for your move. Simply setting aside a small part of your day in the week can put a huge dent in the overall time it takes you to move. Set small goals for yourself like packing up one area of your house that you don’t use daily, or filling two boxes each day. When the weekend hits, you’ll be able to tackle the bigger projects like moving your bed, disassembling furniture, or removing your television. Hiring someone to help can always ease up on the overall stress of the move.

Your to-do: Organizing Your Closet

Your solution: You’ve always tried to get around to having a tidy closet, but when you’re busy it makes it hard for it to all come together. Give yourself the tools you need to straighten up your closet and buy closet storage solutions. Modular shelving, clothing racks, shelf dividers, and storage bins can all finally put the chaos to an end.

Your to-do: Planning That Event

Your solution: If you’ve got an event coming up, there’s no doubt you have a long to-do list for just the planning alone. Where to go for rentals, who you’re inviting, and planning the menu or the snacks are likely only just some of your tasks. Organization is the key. Set reminders for yourself to ask where you are with the process. Set out blocks of time where you can work on the setup without interruption. Designate a special notebook for your plans, and don’t forget to have fun.

Your to-do: Finding the Perfect Tutor

Your solution: You’ve known it for a while: your kids need a tutor. However, going through the process of finding a tutor and interviewing takes time that you might not have. Thankfully, word of mouth is everything. Most schools have a designated tutor or trusted tutoring network already set up to connect you with a qualified tutor. Asking around to friends and family can also likely turn up a vetted candidate.

Your to-do: Painting a Room

Your solution: For some people, there’s no chore as dreaded as painting. Spending the most time on your prep work can make painting a room much more efficient. If the baseboards are clean and the tape is set out, you’re ready to get off to the races. Having the right tools for painting also increases speed: easy paint applicators are available at most home improvement stores. If you don’t have time to paint at all, hiring someone to paint for you can help free up your schedule. 

Your to-do: Cleaning the Yard

Your solution: The yard. Whether you’ve got weeds to pull up, leaves to be raked, or gardening to do, when you’ve got a busy schedule, it’s easy to let yard work get out of hand. When you need some help, it’s never a bad idea to ask someone for a hand. At StartNeighborING, if you need help digging holes, moving plants, watering, trimming bushes, or more, we’ve got someone standing by to finish your chore.

A Honey Do list Service

We’ve got news - for every task on this list, there’s a NeighborING student ready to help you finish it. It’s a no-brainer: Start NeighborING is the official end of your to-do list, no matter what the task might be. Time to get those chores you’ve had in the back of your mind done for good. Tell us about your chore today, and get ready for peace of mind.