Here's How to Balance Your Work Life and All Those Chores You Have, Too

How much time do you spend on chores?

The average homeowner spends 90 minutes every day on chores like yard work, maintenance, and other similar household activities. That adds up to 630 minutes each week, or more than ten hours.

When you already have a full-time job, adding ten more hours a week taking care of your house creates both stress at home and stress at work. Feeling overwhelmed already? Here’s some ways to take a load off, and find what works for you to balance your work life and your home life.

Have Fun With It

Minimizing the time you take to complete your chores can help you get rid of having stress at home, and make more “me time” for yourself. Set a timer for yourself, and race against the clock to beat the time you’ve set. Maybe you’re trying to do your laundry and cook dinner in forty-five minutes. See if you can beat the clock. Once you’re done with your chores and you’ve used your time wisely, you can relax.

Reinforce Your Goals

t’s easy to say you want to have a better work life balance, but actually doing what you say is much more difficult. Instead of setting a goal and failing to complete it, actually say the goal out loud to someone else. If you want to work with extra focus every day so you have extra time, tell someone from the office that you need to leave by 4:00 that day. That way, you’ve created the expectation for yourself in advance, and you’re more likely to follow through.

Turn Off Your Phone

The average person spends 3.5 hours each day using mobile internet. And you probably spend about eight hours a day at work. Almost four hours of phone time usually isn’t all spent on productive activities. When you’re trying to finish a chore or a task at work so you can have more free time later, don’t just use a time-saving app. Don’t just put your phone in a drawer. Turn it off. That’s why, when you get tempted to pick it up again and waste time, you’ll have to go through the extra step of turning it on, just to look at things that aren’t totally necessary. Your phone being off entirely will make you think twice.

Build Up Technology Resistance

This is slightly different than just turning your phone off. You know when you’re at home, and suddenly an email from your boss comes through? You’re tempted to answer it, even though you might be at home trying to finish your chores. Because we’re so connected by technology, it’s easy to bring work home with you. By choosing to ignore work in your off time, you’re actually building up positive habits and being able to compartmentalize each section of your life.

Do Some Overlapping

We’re not necessarily talking about multitasking, because switching from one task to another can distract you from doing your best work. But combining two activities into one can really help you save time and balance your life. Got papers to look over in preparation for a meeting? Read them on the bike at the gym. Gotta organize your closet? Do it while watching your favorite television show.

Ask Yourself What’s Not Working

When you’re feeling stressed and pressed for time, take a minute to assess the moments when you feel you’re the most overwhelmed. Perhaps it’s when you know you have to meal prep for the entire week, or when you wonder how you’ll ever be able to exercise with all those chores you have to do in your garage. 

Maybe it’s time to outsource your garage cleaning, or stop meal prepping for some time. It’s all about reorganizing the structure of your life is there’s a key component that’s not working. Maybe it never worked, or maybe it worked before but it’s time for a change. Don’t be afraid to let go of the habit of routine for a schedule that’s going to bring more balance to your life.

Enlist Help

One way to strike up a great work life balance? Have someone do your chores for you. Start NeighborING connects you with a local college student who’s ready to help you tackle your to-do list. Whether it’s doing yard work or cleaning out your garage that’s been taking up all your time when you’re not at work, Start NeighborING could be just the solution you’re looking for. 

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