We build community for communities

There comes a time when you need an extra helping hand and you don't know who to ask....or maybe you do but they aren't available. You're stuck. You are possibly considering hiring a professional service, but you don't need a professional or the price that comes with a professional service. You need the help of a friend or family member (better yet... a neighbor), but you don't know who to ask.

The help of Neighbor when you need it

You see, we understand that you need help and you don't want to break the bank. So we created a network of background-checked college students who can help you when you need it at an affordable rate.

So, why college students?

It all started with our founder and CEO, Josh Mundell. Josh was a student-athlete at Concordia University Irvine where he received his undergraduate and graduate degrees. While playing water polo, Josh needed a way to make extra money, but had a packed class and practice schedule. As a result, whenever Josh had free time he would help his neighbors with chores and tasks around their home to earn a few dollars and a home cooked meal (a college student's weakness).

As he worked, Josh had neighbors asking him if he could help them next and before he new it his weekends were packed with chores, so much so that his teammates became curious and soon wanted to start working with him. At that time Josh saw a need, neighbors who needs chores done around their home and college students who wanted to earn extra money.

This idea for NeighborING® was born.

Your chores help college students

Our goal at NeighborING is to create a win-win-win relationship. What does that mean?
Well the first win is to provide neighbors that ability to get to connected to affordable help when and where they need it. The second win is creating an opportunity for all college students to easily find work and earn money around their busy school schedules with no big commitments. The third win is the NeighborING platform being the bridge between these two communities and all while earning a small portion of each transaction to keep the platform running.

We enable communities to support one another